Nurse struck with fear after delivering strange baby

Nurse struck with fear after delivering strange baby

Having a sense of duty proved to be driving force for a nurse who almost bailed after witnessing a strange child delivery.

Ushie, who considered the event as a life experience, shared a post detailing the encounter on Facebook.


Her professionalism proved strong enough to withhold her from making for the door.

She commented that the mother and her baby went through a hitch-free delivery but the occurrence is one she will never forget.

“My night duty this time was an awful experience #Thisisinfant2live. I almost ran away when I saw it coming. But ETHICS held me back.

“This is a life experience, I may never see such condition again. All thanks be to God.

“The delivery was successful. Mother and baby are doing good,” she wrote.

Nurse struck with fear after delivering strange baby


Baby born with Quran in Bauchi proves there is God

The mysterious birth of a baby born bearing a Quran in Bauchi, has offered proof of God’s existence.

Its mother confirmed the report during a visit to a cleric, Sheikh Dahiru Usman, on Friday, March 23, 2018.

Local media also disclosed that the child also had in its hands Muslim prayer beads also known as Tesbih. Usman considers the birth of the newborn as an evidence of the magnificence of Allah.

“This is nothing in the sight of Allah. It is for the ungrateful disbelievers of the Prophet (SAW) to further show them that the Messenger of Allah is true,” the spiritual leader mentioned.

Social media users have however downplayed the sensitivity in the mysterious event with comments expressing doubt.


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